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The Teambug online sports manager

Manage your team and organise fixtures online

Do you run an amateur sports team? Do you find yourself with the sports team organisation duties. Do you find it a headache organising practices and matches? Teambug is an online sport management tool that makes managing your team easy.

Teambug features at a glance

  • Create your sports team website with your colours and logo
  • Add your fixtures, locations, team photos and match round-up
  • Select and invite your players via text or email
  • Make it easy for them to respond with a simple YES or NO

Teambug benefits

  • Cut the cost of endless phone calls
  • Save time organising and spend more time playing
  • Publish the best bits (action photos, results, player comments and profiles) for your fans to see on your very own sports team website
  • The ultimate

Create your team

You can register your team and input your players, adding your team colours and photos to you own sports team website using Teambug's online sports management tools

  • Store your player profiles and contact details
  • Add a public description, eg This season's most successful striker, and add private notes and skill level
  • Include preferred method of communication, mobile or email

Manage your team

  • Use your Teambug team management site
  • Select and invite your team with the Formation Picker
  • Track player responses
  • Share fixtures, maps and weather forecasts via your team website

Help your team win

  • Print your team sheet ready to take to the game
  • Record the post match results, league tables and match reports
  • Upload photos and player comments

What do you pay?

Simply choose from three packages

  • Basic package - Absolutely free.
  • Pay monthly packages with free text - £5 or £9 per month
  • Pay One-off package with free text - £10 or £19 per month

No Set-up fees, No hosting fees. No maintenance fees

More info? Watch our online sports manager demo

Need help? Read a full list of FAQs on setting up your sports team website

Ready? Register your team and input your players

FAQs | About us | Features | Pricing | Sign-up


Product Reviews

Nike Playmaker

Many people ask us to review competitor products. We try to do this as impartially as we can. Well honestly anyway!!

Nike Playmaker is a recent addition to the sports team organisation market. On the positive side Playmaker is supported by a famous sporting brand and a massive marketing budget. Does that though make a good product. Unfortunately or fortunately for us the answer in the case of Nike Playmaker is NO.

Playmaker is a simple messaging tool. You can store players details (but only name, email address and mobile number). You can upload fixture locations using a Google maps tool. You can then invite your teammates to play and message them. They respond using specific key words e.g. Game 1 YES, Game 2 No etc. And that's it, no player profiles, no team website, no photo gallery, no, no and no to lots of things when we compare it to Teambug. We could go on, but that would be gloating!!

We were frankly under whelmed by the poor experience and the lack of thought that has gone into the product. Sorry, Nike Playmaker - its 1 out of 10 from us.

PS - this is not sour grapes. Solving team organisation is not easy and you can't just throw money at it and expect a complicated problem be solved. Hopefully you guys agree with us and start using (or continue to use) Teambug.

Thanks. The Teambug Team.

About Teambug

Teambug is a sports management tool that allows you to organise your team from one central online hub. Signing up with Teambug allows you to build a team website, add your fixtures and send invitations to players via SMS and email. It's a simple to use, fun and comprehensive solution to managing your sports team online.

Visit our Features page for more information on how you can use Teambug to manage your players.

Who's it For?

Whether you're an amateur or a professional, whether you play football or hockey or whether you're a manager, player or fan Teambug provides an interactive management system. Teambug caters for 38 different sports - from rugby and netball to dominoes and chess! Team managers can register their team, personalise their team website and send out invitations to all players to join. Each player receives their own personal login and can visit the team website at any time to update their profile, add photos, check teamsheets and next fixtures or to see if they've been chosen 'player of the match'.

Teambug uses both text and email, so managers can send out bulk communications in one go to all players - saving both time and money. Use the interactive formation picker to select your team and bob's your uncle; you're ready for the match!

What Our Users Say...

Here are some of the wonderful things that our online sports managers have said about us...

"Thanks Teambug for a great service"
Amritpal Sahota, Plashet HC
"I just want to say the website is amazing, I can't live without it now. Thanks to all at Teambug"
Nathan Pendlebury, Marsden JFC
"Thanks very much, it is really a great site"
George Roberts, Castle Donington FC
"Thanks Teambug, I think we will upgrade... as its ideal for what we need it for"
Deena Ritchie, Loco's Netball Team

If you manage a sports team online and would like to tell us what you think of the product, then contact us at

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