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Las Vegas casino & sportsbook FloorIf your thinking  of going  on a Las Vegas NFL sports travel, and you’re from UK or Germany, then here are some Las Vegas casino gambling travel tips:

The Five Best Places to Bet and Watch an NFL Game in Las Vegas.

Football and Las Vegas form a match made in heaven. Many plan their annual Vegas trip around the year’s biggest games. From early September through February, you’ll find men in jerseys clamoring for a place to watch their team while sweating a big bet. So where should you watch NFL football in Las Vegas? Here are five spots where you’ll be able to settle in.

Sportsbetting in Las Vegas Casinos

The new sportsbook at the Cosmopolitan

The “Cosmo,” as it’s lovingly called in Las Vegas, is one of the best properties on the Strip. The property recently constructed a new sportsbook right in front, with full views of the strip. There, football fans will find huge screens, pool tables, shuffleboard, slots, even blackjack. It’s the best-kept secret in Las Vegas, made even better when you add in the new mobile betting provided by Cantor Gaming.

Lagasse Stadium in the Palazzo

Long the gold standard of Vegas football experiences, this sportsbook-restaurant hybrid provides couches where groups of friends can indulge in food from Emeril which watching their favorite teams. You should be aware that you’ll need to fulfill a food minimum to occupy one of their tables. You’ll also need to make reservations well in advance.

The second floor at Top Golf

Top Golf is a driving range with a twist. There, you can drink, eat, and hit balls at targets. In Las Vegas, it has even more to offer. On the second floor, there is a large, open-air sports book that provides huge screens, couches, and full waitress service. The upside to watching NFL games at Top Golf is that you can make a bet and hit a golf shot while peering at large TVs carrying every game. It tends to be less crowded than the more popular sportsbooks on the Strip.

Poker rooms at Aria, Bellagio, and the Wynn

During prime Sundays in the NFL season, you’ll need to line up early to reserve seats at popular sportsbooks. If you happen to be a poker player, it can make sense to watch games from your place at the poker table. The three big rooms in Las Vegas all have televisions that play games during the day. You’ll also get free drinks while you play poker, making it much less expensive than going to a bar or sportsbook. Beware, of course, that the tradeoff for those free drinks is the rake you’ll pay out of each pot you win during your poker adventure.

The Westgate Superbook

Most people never wander all the way to the Westgate, a casino located just north of the Wynn. If you do go there, your trip should involve a trip to the Superbook. The Superbook is the largest sportsbook in Las Vegas. It offers a wide variety of lines. Perhaps more importantly, it is the home of the Super Contest, a season-long betting contest that offers the winner a million dollars or more. If you can’t find a seat at the MGM sportsbook or elsewhere on the Strip, the Westgate may just have enough tables to satisfy your group.

When NFL season rolls around, Las Vegas starts to heat up. Whether you are a sports bettor or not, you’ll love the environment in Sin City when fans from all teams come to cheer on their guys. Make sure you pick the right location if you want to get the most out of your Vegas Sunday.

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